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Lab Innovations with Technology (LIT), formerly Virtual Labs, in the CSU is part of system-wide Academic Technology


Lab Innovations with Technology (LIT) in the CSU is part of system-wide Academic Technology initiative to reduce enrollment bottleneck courses for students using innovative online, remote web-based, and lab kit technologies. Science faculty throughout the CSU are adopting virtual labs to engage students in learning through active participation rather than passive observation. Technological advances, combined with bandwidth maturity and mobile access make virtual labs an increasingly viable part of the teaching and learning environment.

We invite you to explore this site to learn about current and innovative virtual labs technologies, lab experiments, and simulations used in teaching the science, technology, engineering, and math disciplines in higher education.

While this site provides some examples of tools that can part of a course redesign to implement virtual and other lab innovations in a course, it is the contextual examples of CSU faculty through their stories as well as their students’ testimonials that make this resource a teaching and learning companion. This process is aided by a seasoned lead faculty who facilitates sustained discussions with her/his CSU colleagues who have an interest in considering virtual and other lab innovations as a framework for course redesign.

What You'll Find Here

  • The use of leading edge laboratory innovations and technologies in the teaching and learning process as evidenced by a rich set of faculty portfolios.
  • A "one-stop-shop" for a growing collection of free and affordable virtual and other lab innovation tools.
  • Advice with links to a wide range of additional Science, Engineering, and Math resources and materials on Virtual Labs.
    • Exciting teaching experience using virtual and other lab innovations
    • Innovative lab protocols and simulations
    • Exemplary Practices in CSU virtual and other lab innovations
    • MERLOT Services

Case Study Articles

Virtual Labs for GE Biology

General education biology laboratory courses are facility and labor intensive and often have low student success. This project addresses these concerns through the implementation of online labs to engage students in the scientific method, reduce the demand for laboratory facilities, and decrease costs, addressing both facility and pedagogical bottleneck.

Project Report (pdf) | ePortfolio

News and Events

The Lab Innovations with Technology Informational webinar was held at 2pm on Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

The recording of the informational session is available here.

The presentation slides are available here.

Until May 14, 2019, CSU faculty can apply for support for implementing Lab Innovations with Technology in their course by submitting an online application. After May 14, 2019, interested Faculty can still download the word version of the 19-20 application, in anticipation of the 20-21 program, although we expect making some changes to the application.

Join the LIT community and participate in product demonstration and discussion Webinars: Contact Ashley Skylar, to be added to the monthly LIT invites.

Check out the presentations and eportfolios on May 21-22, 2019 from the 2018-19 LIT faculty at: http://tiny.cc/LIT-presentations. After May 22, the site will have links to the recordings.

For some students, virtual labs replace hands-on science experiments
- LA Times

For information about this site content, and to inquire about the LIT program in the CSU, contact Ashley Skylar at askylar@calstate.edu